100+ Of the Hottest and Exciting Truth or Dare Questions to Ask at a Party

Truth or dare is one of the most popular games on the planet today. It has been here for over a century and it is still going to remain trendy for a long time.

This game is usually played at parties and hangouts by young adults and teenagers. We will be learning about this game and see a few sample questions in this post.

What you should know about this game

There are certain factors that must be set in place before you can begin playing. As we have stated earlier, there is a lot of controversy about this game. If you don’t fix these factors, it could all turn sour within minutes.

You definitely don’t want that so let’s check out a few things you should know about this game.

  1. The time has to be perfect. Timing is really important for everything we do, truth or dare is not an exception. By the way, no such thing as perfect timing exists but with proper planning, you can get it right. Before suggesting this game to your friends, be sure that they are all in good terms. If you are not sure about that, then it is better to keep the game at bay. Another thing, the people around need to be open-minded else, it would not work.
  2. Preparation is the key. Now that you have decided to play the game, preparing for it is the next step. Your preparation process requires you to check out the right questions for the people you want to play with. The questions should match the tone of your party and getting them right means the party will be fun.
  3. Decide how players will be selected. Choosing the next person to play can be a challenge if you don’t figure it out before starting. A bottle is spun in most cases to pick the next player. You can use this method or be a little more creative with yours. However, you should know that a bottle adds a pinch of anxiety to the game which is a lot of fun.
  4. What is expected of a player that is picked? A player is usually expected to choose between attempting a dare and providing the answer to a question. Ensure that you figure this out and spell it out to your players before you begin playing. A penalty should also be thought of just in case a player decides to boycott a question or dare.

Truth or Dare

How has it evolved?

This verbal game has been in existence for over three centuries, precisely since the 1770s. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity as one of the most-loved games by the young and old. Initially, players referred to the game as “Questions and Commands.”

The rules haven’t changed so much even though the name has. You still need at least two players and as much as fourteen or fifteen players to play the game. With this game, you can spark your boring party back to life. The game is fun on its own but with some creativity and absolute simplicity, you could blow the roof.

The best way to play is to tailor your questions and dares to suit your audience. No special equipment is required to play, all you need is your friends and you are good to go. You also don’t need any special preparations, just get your questions and dares right. Word has it that with this game, hangouts and parties will never be the same. You can even play this game with your spouse.

To make it more fun, you don’t need to tell anyone about your plan, just spring a surprise on your guests. Most of your guests will be open to the idea and appreciate you for bringing it up. If you and your spouse are bored, you can suggest the idea of playing truth or dare.

We can’t deny the fact that there are a few controversies about this game because it can get crazy. However, by simply setting the rules right, you can eliminate any form of crazy that might be expected.

All the players are expected to sit comfortably and then one of the players can pick a truth or dare. Once it is picked, it cannot be changed. Questions are targeted at revealing hidden secrets so as expected, they are really tough. The rules must be followed by each player so they should be spelled out before the game begins.

Enough with the theory, let’s get to the crux of this post. You must have learned a lot about organizing your own truth or dare game. Let’s help you with a few ideas you could work with for your next party or hangout.

Hilarious truth questions

  1. Which person don’t you ever want to see naked?
  2. What is the longest you have gone without a shower?
  3. Who would you prefer to text right now and not talk to for the rest of your life?
  4. How long have you stayed without brushing your teeth?
  5. What food would you completely avoid anytime you are on a date?
  6. What have you seen that has scarred you for life?
  7. Who would like to be in your next life?
  8. If you had the opportunity of switching your genders for a day, what will be your first line of action?
  9. What food do you regret ever eating on a date? What is the reason?
  10. If you were to wear a bathing suit for a day, what weather would you wish upon yourself?
  11. Which individual would be the first you would call on should your car break down in the middle of nowhere?
  12. What do you know today that has proven to be your most useful knowledge?
  13. What have you learned that you wish you could forget totally?
  14. Which do you recommend, shampoo as soap or vice versa?
  15. Would you make use of an empty tissue roll in wiping up if your tissue paper was exhausted?
  16. What could be more embarrassing than being disgraced in the presence of your crush?
  17. If you were allowed to make use of one swear for all of time, what would it be?
  18. What word do you say to your best friend but will be really inappropriate with your spouse?
  19. Who is the Nicki Minaj of your crew?
  20. If you had dog and cat food on the menu, which would you go for?
  21. If you had the proverbial nine lives, what crazy things would you try out that you haven’t already done?
  22. Who would be the subject of your pranks if you could do them without being caught?
  23. What prank do you consider your best choice for any occasion?
  24. Have you ever had to pretend to appreciate a gift when you completely loathed it? How did it go?
  25. Eat the same food repeatedly for one month or stay a week without a shower, what’s your choice?
  26. If you were to compare your eating habit to that of animal, what animal would it be?
  27. Never sweat or never go to pee for the rest of your life, which would you prefer?
  28. Do you think you and your significant other will be together till death do you part?

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Comical dares for a party

  1. Step outside this arena, run down the street and come back with your shirt over your face.
  2. Read through the instructions on your moisturizer bottle and post it on Instagram.
  3. Shout to the rest of the world saying that your parents adopted you.
  4. Step outside and dance to imaginary music.
  5. Post a picture of yourself drinking water from the wash hand basin in the toilet on Facebook.
  6. Sniff on the feet of every person in this room. Tell us which one stinks the most.
  7. Run down the street singing Hallelujah in a very loud voice.
  8. Imitate a person cutting grass on the lawn.
  9. Call a pizza outlet and ask for a discount on one of their products.
  10. Place a call to your mom and tell her about your inability to land yourself a partner.
  11. Wear your undies over your head till we are done with this round of the game.
  12. Call your local library and ask for a dictionary that helps to translate French to English.
  13. Make a video of you crying about being adopted and post in on all your social media handles.
  14. Smell the armpit of the person sitting across you and describe its smell to the rest of us.
  15. Go outside and make out with the mailbox. Ensure that at least three people catch you doing this.
  16. Try being a rainmaker by calling on the rain, standing in front of the building.
  17. Pick your ear and taste the wax. Tell us what it tastes like.
  18. Take or download the picture of a condom and post on your Facebook account for a day.
  19. Make a call to the Fire Service and sing the national anthem from beginning to end once they pick your call.
  20. Place an order for some popcorn from Target.
  21. Call a pizza shop and ask if you can get a refund for some pizza you have eaten halfway.
  22. Order some horse buggies from a car dealership.
  23. Send a text to one of your lecturers saying “hey.” Once they respond, do it again. Do it five times, after this, say “hi.”
  24. Change your Facebook relationship status to complicated and leave it that way for a day.
  25. Keep rhyming with your sentences till we are done with this game.
  26. Call Amazon’s customer care number and when they pick, tell them you want to buy the company.
  27. Sing a lullaby to the person sitting next to you with their name as part of the song.
  28. Call a random number and start singing “happy birthday to you” when your call is picked.
  29. Call a Chinese restaurant and place an order for sushi.

Adorable ladies’ dares

  1. Give your neighbor a manicure in 10 seconds. All her nails must be painted.
  2. Brush the teeth of the lady sitting across you.
  3. Share your feelings with your crush in a text.
  4. Call a complete stranger and begin flirting with the person on the other end of the line.
  5. Stuff some ice in your bra and let it stay there for 30 seconds.
  6. Open your purse and pass it around so we can all see what is inside.
  7. Post a video of you telling us how much you love pickles on Instagram.
  8. Take off your bra and put it back on without removing your shirt five times.
  9. Do 20 crunches with your eyes closed.
  10. Refrigerate your shirt for 10 minutes and wear it till the end of the game.
  11. Let the person sitting across you to make you up and take pictures for your Instagram page.
  12. Allow someone from the group to call someone with your phone and tell the person your most embarrassing experience.
  13. Put one of your fingers in the toilet and lick it up.
  14. Use your tongue to clean the doorknob.
  15. Twerk to a song chosen by unanimous decision for the next two minutes.
  16. Brush your teeth with a toothbrush dipped in the toilet.
  17. Shave your armpits in front of everyone playing the game.
  18. Silently do a Macarena.
  19. While holding your nose, make seven sentences.
  20. Crawl on your knees to the door and back five times.
  21. Pick a bug and chew it up.
  22. Try singing mimicking a professional soprano singer.
  23. Breakdance to a song chosen by the rest of the group for a minute.
  24. Sing your favorite chorus to the group.
  25. Do 30 pushups.

Ladies’ truth questions

The effect of these questions is to make a lady blush or sweat. They should be perfect for a girl’s slumber party or a bridal shower.

  1. What date would you consider to be the worst you have been on all your life? Who was it with?
  2. Have you had a crush on any of your close friends’ partners?
  3. If you were to choose, which boy would make out with at the center of the gym in school?
  4. Which of these are you more comfortable with, not brushing your teeth or not washing your hair for a day?
  5. Have you ever asked a guy on a first date?
  6. Have you ever had a crush on a person who is older than you for at least 10 years?
  7. What is your worst kiss ever? Who did you share it with?
  8. What size is your bra cup?
  9. Do you prefer grandma panties or thongs?
  10. Do you like to admire your body naked before the mirror?
  11. Have you lost any of your crushes just because they got wind that you had a crush on them?
  12. Have you ever been ditched on a date?
  13. What is the most annoying act you have displayed in the presence of your crush?
  14. Do you have a secret affinity for Twilight?
  15. Do you think you would do great as a cheerleader? What’s your reason?
  16. Which Hollywood actress would you love to make out with? What is your reason?
  17. Which Hollywood actor would you agree to marry right now? What is your reason?
  18. Do you think you are sexy? What activities do you carry out to make yourself feel sexy?
  19. Which of your friends do you have a secret crush on right now?
  20. What hairstyle are you in love with but wouldn’t try for the world?
  21. What is the most embarrassing thing you have said while your crush was present?
  22. What part of your body is your most loved and what part is your most hated? Give your reasons.
  23. Who is your current celebrity crush?
  24. What would you like to change about your physique if you had the ability to?
  25. Who was your first crush? Did it work out?
  26. Who did you have your first kiss with? Did you enjoy it?
  27. Which girl in first grade were you jealous of?
  28. What girl’s life would you like to have if you had the opportunity?
  29. Would you like to share a kiss on a first date? Or are would you rather go all the way?
  30. Can you rank the cutest guys in your class on a scale of 1 to 5?
  31. How many children do you think you will have?
  32. Who do you currently dislike the most? What is your reason for the dislike?
  33. If you were to choose a celebrity from Hollywood to go on a date with, who tops your list?
  34. Who would you like to be stranded on the moon with?
  35. Have you had a fling with a sibling of one of your friends?
  36. Have you ever experienced a heartbreak? How did you handle it?
  37. Who would you prefer to get romantic with, a nerd, jock, gangster, or singer?
  38. Have you ever developed romantic feelings for the partner of your best friend?
  39. Who do you want to be your prom date?
  40. What turns you on most about a guy’s body?
  41. What turns you on most about a girl’s body?
  42. Do you like being a girl or would you want to be a guy?
  43. What would you want to spend the rest of your life doing as a career? What is your reason?
  44. What food would you love to continuously if you knew you wouldn’t add weight?
  45. What person in this room would you pick to go with on a game show?
  46. Just so you and your dream man could get married, would you stay away from your phone for a year?
  47. What would bring along if you were stuck on an island and you could bring just 3 things?
  48. What makeup item would you pick if you could only choose one for the next three years?
  49. Would go on a date with a man that is shorter than you?
  50. For $500 would you wear your bra above your shirt?
  51. If you were to pick a hairstyle for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Embarrassing Questions for your Truth or Dare game

  1. Can you let us know what you last searched for online?
  2. Which would you prefer staying naked for five minutes or having your thoughts in bubbles around your head?
  3. Have you walked in on your parents having sex?
  4. How long has food stayed on the floor before you picked it and put it in your mouth?
  5. Ever tasted a booger? If yes, what did it feel like?
  6. Have you attempted playing cards against humanity with your parents ever?
  7. What will you do if you woke up as the opposite sex?
  8. Have you urinated in the pool while swimming ever?
  9. Who looks the shabbiest right now in this room?
  10. Have you by accident farted while in the elevator since you became an adult?
  11. Which person in this room have you developed crazy feelings for?
  12. Who do you envy most in this room and why? Would you like to live the person’s life if you had the opportunity?
  13. What do you do when in the toilet asides your toilet business?
  14. Have you, at any point in your life, had an imaginary friend?
  15. Do you ever cover your eyes when seeing the scary parts of a thriller?
  16. Have you tried practicing how to kiss by kissing your image in the mirror?
  17. Did your parents give you the talk about the bee and the bird while you were younger?
  18. Have you ever considered any of your pleasures as obscene and you feel really guilty about it?
  19. Do you have any habits that you feel is really terrible and even you can’t cope with?
  20. Have you been caught masturbating in the bathroom ever?
  21. Have you been a victim of a wardrobe malfunction since you became an adult?
  22. Have you hit your head against a wall accidentally?
  23. Have you been caught picking your nose in public?
  24. Do you like to sing in the shower? What song do you sing the most in the shower?
  25. Have you ever peed on yourself since you became an adult?
  26. What moment would you label as your most embarrassing since you became an adult?
  27. Have you farted in class ever?
  28. Do you strike conversations with yourself while looking in the mirror?
  29. What do you consider as your best option if you discovered that there was no tissue in a public toilet where you just masturbated?
  30. If your browsing history was exposed to the world now, what part of it would embarrass you the most?
  31. Have you tried taking a raunchy picture of your body to send to someone else?
  32. Do cuddle a teddy bear when you sleep?
  33. Do you drool while sleeping or do you snore?
  34. While sleeping to you mumble words?
  35. Which person in your class do you have a secret crush on at the moment?
  36. Which person in this room do you consider really cute and you would love to make out with?
  37. Who do you have the least affinity for in this room?
  38. In five sentences, is it possible you describe the man or woman you would love to end up with?
  39. What song comes the mind the most when you are in the shower?
  40. Which person in this circle do you this is the sexiest and why?
  41. Do you consider yourself to be good looking? If yes, to what degree?
  42. Would you rather have sex with [add a name] or deceive everyone here that you did?
  43. What part of your body do you find least attractive?
  44. Do you have underwear on right now? If yes, what color is it?
  45. Who was the last person you sent a text to with your phone? What was the content of the message?
  46. If you had to save a person from this building had it been on fire, who would it be?
  47. Would you agree to get married to your present romantic partner?
  48. How long do you wear your undies for before changing them?
  49. Have you ever tasted your ear wax?
  50. Have you shifted the blame to someone else when you farted in a public place?
  51. Have you tasted your sweat ever?
  52. Have you ever gotten involved in a criminal act? What was it?
  53. Who would like to go on holidays with, your mom or dad?
  54. Would you put up one of your siblings for sale for ten million dollars?
  55. Is selling your pet for a million dollars an option?
  56. Would you agree to marry two people if you had the option? Who are the two people on your mind right now?
  57. Would you rather lose your sex organs forever or gain 250 pounds?
  58. What is your take, get all the praise for doing nothing or doing all the work and not being praised at all?
  59. What song do you think you can survive with if you could listen to just a song for the rest of your life?
  60. How much do you think you would be worth if you were charged a dollar for each swear word you said?
  61. Who amongst the players of this game can you never date? What is your reason?
  62. What decade would you prefer to be born in if you had a chance to choose?
  63. Would you stop dating your current partner if you were offered a million dollars?
  64. Which of these can you survive without for a year, internet, air conditioning, or a heater?
  65. If you had the opportunity to go back in time to fix one of your wrongs, what wrong would you fix?
  66. Has your date ever embarrassed you in public?
  67. Have you ever been tempted to be unfaithful to your partner?
  68. If you become invisible for an hour, what is the first thing that will cross your mind to do?
  69. Have been caught looking inordinately at someone of the opposite sex?
  70. How did you react when you waved at a person who thought saw you but the person did not respond?
  71. What is the longest number of minutes you have spent under the shower and what was your reason?
  72. What is the ugliest high school picture you have? What experience led to that picture?
  73. Have you cried just because your parents weren’t around and you were missing them?
  74. Which is less embarrassing for you picking your nose or wedgie?
  75. Have you ever had a wet dream? Did you enjoy it?
  76. What have you posted online that you really regretted afterward?
  77. What is your greatest fear and why?
  78. When taking a shower, do you take a leak as well?
  79. Have you engaged in ding dong ditching at any time in your adult life?
  80. If you were allowed to do whatever you liked in the next 3 days, what would be your first line of action?
  81. Would you agree to wear your clothes on the wrong side for the whole for just a hundred dollars?
  82. What action do you still engage in that you consider really childish?
  83. What sacrifices are you willing to make just to get the man or woman of your dreams?
  84. Have you ever embarrassed yourself while your crush was present? What was the experience like?
  85. Have you picked a book from the library without permission?
  86. Which person do you dislike but have to pretend to like so much?
  87. What movie did you watch as a child and would love to watch repeatedly?
  88. Have you ever been told that your feet smell? Was it embarrassing?
  89. What is the most foolish nickname that you’ve been called?
  90. When was the last time you peed in bed?
  91. What is the highest number of tacos you’ve had at a sitting?
  92. Have you hit a road sign with your car ever? Was it conscious or accidental?
  93. What Disney character would you like to be for a day if you had the opportunity?
  94. Have you ever seen a movie that you knew was off-limits?
  95. Do you think you will be open to romantic role-play with your spouse?
  96. What mobile app do you spend most of your time on?
  97. Have you ever acted like you were sick just to avoid being punished? What was the reason for the punishment?
  98. Do you consider yourself a foodie? How much food have eaten at one sitting that you consider the highest?
  99. Do you like to dance all by yourself when you are alone?

Fascinating dares to try out during your next game

  1. Take a raunchy selfie and make it your Facebook profile picture for the next 48 hours.
  2. Remove the sock on your left foot with your teeth and hold it there for 5 minutes.
  3. Go to the street, stop a car on the move, and tell them one of their tires is bad.
  4. Drink half a cup of water and hold it in your mouth. You are not allowed to laugh or swallow until everyone has made a funny joke.
  5. Visit the next-door neighbor without your pants and ask for a glass of milk.
  6. You will have to brush your teeth with an item chosen by other players of the game.
  7. Step outside and write your name in the sand using your tongue.
  8. Go outside and with a pair of tweezers collect 15 blades of grass.
  9. Pick up two hot Cheetos, hold it in your mouth for 3 minutes while humming.
  10. Open your Instagram account. Like the posts of the first profile you see for the last 6 months.
  11. Pick up the closest book to you, tear two pages and chew on them for the next 5 minutes.
  12. Lick the back tire of one of the cars parked outside with your tongue.
  13. For the next 30 seconds, howl like a wolf in front of the house.
  14. The person sitting opposite you will wax the hair on your wrist with duct tape.
  15. You will have one of your hands tied to your left knee till the game is done.
  16. Put some honey on the tip of your nose. Put a pinch of flour on it and then leave it for 2 minutes.
  17. Shout really loud for the next round of the game.
  18. Place a video call to your crush with the phone on speaker and sing a song.
  19. Take a shot of jam juice.
  20. Pick up a pillow and express your feelings to it like you were talking to your crush.
  21. Pour a glass of cereal on the floor and lap it up like a dog.
  22. Make out with your left hand.
  23. Allow the guy sitting closest to you restyle your hair. Wear the new hairstyle for the next 12 hours.
  24. Pick up a pen, hold it like it was a microphone, sing your next 10 sentences into it.
  25. Use some black paint to decorate your two front teeth.
  26. Pick the nose of the person sitting closest to you.
  27. Wipe your left shoe using your tongue.
  28. Act like you were crying for the next 2 minutes.
  29. Eat five spoons of cereal and make really annoying sounds as you eat.
  30. Make a sentence with the word “cross.” Leave your eyes crossed as you do so.
  31. Try making five sentences with your lips not touching each other.
  32. Pick a random animal. Mimic the sounds of that animal.
  33. Turn around, face the wall and make a speech for one full minute.
  34. Squirt some water on your face from a squirt gun and keep talking as you do so.
  35. Put in some grapes in your mouth and try making a sentence.
  36. Read the alphabet while burping.
  37. Make markings on your face using a permanent marker.
  38. Place one of your feet inside a bowl of ice and stay that way till we are done playing.
  39. Pour some Lego pieces on the floor and walk over them barefoot.
  40. Shove a teaspoonful of mustard down your throat.
  41. Dive blindfolded into a dumpster.
  42. Step outside, pick up the first object you see and place it in your armpit for 20 seconds.
  43. Spin in a circle twenty times and walk ten steps in a straight line.
  44. Break a raw egg into a bowl and drink it up.
  45. Write a note telling your doctor that you have a skin rash around your genitals. Post the note on your Facebook page and leave it there for three hours.
  46. The group will five things from the refrigerator on your behalf and dink a mix of all the items.
  47. Do 60 jumping jacks and while you do count backward.
  48. Rub your palms over your armpits and then put them over your nose for a minute.
  49. Visit the dumpster, name the first ten objects you see.
  50. Hiccup through a sentence about drinking water.

Final Thoughts

For a long time to come, truth or dare will remain one of the most-loved games. It sparks up life in your party and kills the boredom effortlessly. If you have played this game before, tell us about your experiences below.

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