Pets Why CBD Oil Is Good for Your Dog

Why CBD Oil Is Good for Your Dog


It has been known for thousands of years that cannabis has health benefits for humans. It can help to regulate weight, control blood sugars and even fight some types of cancers. As a natural plant, it can be much safer than synthetic drugs, if it is used in the right way. Dogs, like humans, are mammals, and it seems that they can also benefit from its use.

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Which Extract from Cannabis Is the Best for Your Dog?

Cannabis has over 80 chemical compounds in its makeup, most of which can be profiled as cannabinoids (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is the THC compounds that connect to the receptors in the brain giving the feeling of being ‘high’. The CBD compound connects with receptors in the rest of the body, so if your pet has these they will not get ‘stoned’.  These compounds are made from the stalks and seeds of the cannabis plant, and if you want to help keep your furry friend healthy, they are a great way towards achieving that goal. If your pet has a cannabis product that has more CBD than THC, the CBD will override the drunken feeling, but your pet will still have the health benefits of both.

Just one of the benefits of CBD oil for dogs is that it will bind to the receptors that support a whole range of bodily functions, helping to keep your pet healthier. You should avoid giving your pet marijuana products, as they are very high in THC. In humans, this may produce a feeling of relaxation, but the opposite happens with dogs.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Furry Friend

Dogs become like members of the family, and you want to take the best possible care of them. By giving them CBD oil compound, you can help in many different ways, including:

  • Keeping your dog’s immune system in good shape
  • Helping to keep joints subtle, so avoiding pain associated with lots of exercise or old age
  • Encouraging a calm and relaxed mood, helping them through any anxieties
  • Supporting your dog’s GI tract health

Is CBD For Your Dog Legal?

There are so many things that CBD oil can help to improve for you dog that you may well be considering giving them some. Research has shown that it can treat seizures, relieve pain, help their bowels, increase their appetite, stop them being sick, and is good for their heart.

Even with all these benefits, you still need to know whether it is legal. Because it is derived from hemp oil, it has hardly any trace of THC and is therefore approved for use in all of the states in the US, unlike marijuana based products that even for medical purposes are approved in only 20 states.

As with any supplement, you should always check with your vet before making them part of your dog’s routine, but there are very few that would not wholeheartedly agree that there are many health benefits to be derived from giving your dog CBD oil.