Creem 100 Stylish Girl Swag Outfits For School

100 Stylish Girl Swag Outfits For School


Enjoy your school days along with the silly yet trusted pals and explore the things that you can do in relation to swag fashion. Walk in the hallway with your trendy style and feel confident in wearing your clothes. Show everybody that you can wear anything within your rules of fashion. Change everyone’s perception about the mistake of style and bring something unique, upstyle, funky, and state-of-the-art get-up.

Attain a Boyish Look in Jersey and Denim Shorts
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A jersey fabric is breathable, comfortable, and refreshing to the wearer even if during the hot season. The style is boyish yet appealing. A cap and shades are appropriate to the style.

Evolve the Ordinary Knitted Cardigan into Fashion
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If you’re thinking about what to wear during the cozy weather, a knitted cardigan, black printed shirt and a mini denim short make up the style. A Dr. Martens or a Timberland shoe are suitable for this style.

See-Through Get-Up for Summer Heat
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It is best to wear something cottony, thin fabric, and refreshing clothing especially during summer days. Try this amazing outfit and match it with the converse shoes.

The Classical Tattered Jeans to Contemporary
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An all-time typical fashion among women. A sleeveless top and a ripped jeans combination. Wear a black belt, a T-strap shoes, and a clutch for a simple getup.

The Hot Chic Skirt and Knitted Long Sleeve
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During the cozy weather, a knitted long sleeve and an orange mini skirt are an awesome casual get-up. Increase the level of the style by carrying a shoulder bag and wearing a leopard Almond Toe pumps.

Sexy Style in the Acquaintance School Party
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Make a popular dress code on your school acquaintance. Wear a black bodycon dress which is a very sophisticated, voluptuous, and fierce.

Feel Wearing Loose Half Sleeves
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Label your style and wear something unique to make it a trendy outfit. A combination of a knitted hat, loose half sleeves, mini denim shorts, knee-high socks, and boots.

Voloptuous Look for a School Event
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There are many events during the academic year. One of these activities involves modeling. You can try this sleek outfit to join the competition. Partner your blazer with a gray trouser for a smart and detective style of apparel.

Jumper Pants for a School Civilian Trendy Style
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Just be casual and attend the school in a Jumper pants clothing. A simple stripe shirt is definitely a good match with the jumper pants.

Hip Tutu Dress for School Prom
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For the plus size ladies, this red daring dress is very gorgeous and it will make you sophisticated, upstyle, and decent as to your appearance.

Casual Outfit with Knee-High Boots
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In a countryside outfit, the knee-high boots are the primary symbol of the getup. Pair it with a zigzag patterned blouse and a yellow sweater for a simple look.

All-Black: Faux Leather Top on Knitted Dress
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Wear a funky, savvy, and cool outfit. A faux leather is great for the knitted dress to look serious,fierce, and smart. The wearer will appear to have a strong personality, loves the black color, and may be interpreted to be a Rockstar.

Sleek Chic Outfit
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College students wear corporate or semi-formal attire to enhance their confidence as well as act and dress professionally. The cream blazer and all-black garment are appropriate for the career-oriented style.

Slim Skater Dress in Knee-High Boots
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Universities allow their professionals to wear formal civilian attire rather uniform so that they may look confident and expert mentally as well as physically. This green dress outfit partnered with boots is a nice outfit for the professional students.

Winter Hot Style for School Affairs
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Even during the winter season, the attire should be formal, upstyle, and decent. In this way, the student will be confident and motivated to study. This knitted shirt covered with a blazer and scarf is a great outfit. You can match it with a cream pants or dark trousers to make it look like smart casual attire.

Savvy Get-Up for a Trend
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Let’s say you’re a teacher, you don’t have to wear something serious with an eyeglasses on to appear like a terror professor. Why not try wearing a white long sleeve, covered with a sleeveless blazer and a maroon skirt for a fabulous appearance.

Standard-Fit Dress For Prom School
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There are several activities in the school and among these events include an acquaintance party. If black is the theme of the activity, wear a bodycon dress with a unique lacy sleeve for an amazing look.

Professional Outfit for the College Students
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Some students like those studying business, finance, or law prefer to wear corporate attire but in a fashionable way. A tip from Ms. Blake Lively, wear a floral dress and top it with a sleeveless blazer and a coat to emphasize a decent, sophisticated, and corporate style.

Summer Sexy Simple Outfit
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Ladies prefer to wear a simple shirt and a denim short while roaming around the campus from their dormitories. Although simple, this outfit is stylish and sexy.

Semi-Corporate Attire for Business, Law, and Finance Students
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A formal attire manifest your attitude, professionalism, and style. This attire is elegant, decent, and very fashionable for the career-oriented women.

Civilian Clothing with Ripped Jeans
girl swag outfits (22)

Consider wearing a simple white long sleeve and a ripped jeans for a swag, upstyle, and teenage look. This outfit is comfortable and easy to wear.

A Casual Get-Up for an Hourglass Body Shape

Emphasize your figure with a simple sleeveless top and a straight-cut jeans. Accessorize the simple outfit with shades, knitted hat, and a white braided girdle.

Rugged Boyish Look for a Change
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A thug fashion is cool, mean, and a new trendy style. Wear a loose black long sleeves, leggings, a cap, and a pair of converse shoes for a street style appearance.

Voguish and Funky Leather Outfit
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Be voguish, sleek, and fashionable with a faux leather jacket, a leopard shirt, and a leather pants. Accessorize the style by adding a knitted hat and a pair of rubber shoes.

Summer Get-Up in Hot Shirt and Mini Skirt
girl swag outfits (26)

When your friends invite you for a summer get-up, this simple black V-neck shirt and denim shorts is a perfect swimwear outfit.

A Dormitory Style of Wardrobe Clothes
girl swag outfits (28)

Even if you stay in your dorm or apartment, try this loose and light purple shirt and a gray pajama for a comfortable, cotton, and simple outfit.

Urban Fashion for Women
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Experience wearing thug fashion with a loose long sleeve, skinny pants, pair of rubber shoes, and a cap for a complete get-up.

Cara Delevingne Inspired School Outfit
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Suffice the simple shirt with a glossy skinny pants, and an Almond Toe shoes as well as a black clutch for a sleek and awesome appearance.

Suit and Tie for a Woman Style
Margaret Malandruccolo Zendaya

If you want to experience wearing a suit and tie, this attire is intended for curious women out there and those who have a boyish personality.

Urban Style Goes to School Trend
girl swag outfits (32)

A stylish thug fashion to express your thoughts, attitude, and feelings. Wear a faux leather jacket, a midriff black shirt, and a colorful square patterned jeans for a chic, funky, and cool look.

Rihanna Inspired Viral Outfit
girl swag outfits (33)

If you’re a fan of Rihanna, this simple yet awesome outfit is definitely one of your taste. Match the sleeveless tops with a gray jeans plus a cap and a pair of rubber shoes for an upstyle, cool, and hip hop appearance.

Something to pair with Yellow Pants
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Trying to blend the yellow pants to produce a smart casual attire? That’s definitely possible! Just match the pants with a black buttoned shirt and a striped blazer then that’s it! Don’t forget the fashionable pumps.

Casual Attire in Stripe Skirt
girl swag outfits (35)

A smart casual dress up is a trendy fashion today, especially for the University students. A simple loose dark blue long sleeve and a striped fit skirt will do the trick.

Spreading a New Chic Using Lacy Long Length Blazer
girl swag outfits (36)

If you want to spread a style to the campus, pair the sleeveless tops with a taggered jeans and wear a lacy long cardigan. Wear a gladiator shoes and shades to make it more fashionable.

Bodycon Gown for the University Night
girl swag outfits (37)

Attending to the University night acquaintance is a pain in the ass especially if you don’t know what to wear. This pink bodycon dress is gorgeous and appropriate for the night social gathering. It has a ruffled strap that resembles rose flower shapes and pleated designs.

Going to Meet the Members for the School Meeting?
girl swag outfits (38)

A definitely swag outfit because the style is unique. The sleeveless blazer is awesome with a fur effect, the long sleeve is silky and delicate and the jeans are perfectly fitting.

Sassy Outfit for the Lean and Tall
girl swag outfits (39)

A cute, sassy, and teenage outfit which resembles like the fashion sense of Taylor Swift. An amazing half sleeve in white and a high-waist short in black.

Something to Wear During Recognition
girl swag outfits (40)

You should be wearing a glamorous dress for your great achievement in life. This semi-formal dress is stunning, for your recognition day.Match it with a golden watch,a clutch, and a pair of peep toe pumps for a gorgeous grand entrance.

Walk on the School Hallway with Fashion
girl swag outfits (41)

This outfit is sophisticated, upstyle, and smart. The wearer will definitely feel confident, beautiful, and intelligent. The combination of the faux leather jacket, white shirt, and skinny black pants speak for the style.

Jersey and Dress for a Teeny Fashion
girl swag outfits (42)

Get along with the fashion trend and popularized your own fashion. Why not try pairing up your jersey jacket with a gorgeous violet floral dress and a Chuck Taylor shoes for a cute, sassy, and nice get-up.

Trendy Look for a School Pageant Candidate
girl swag outfits (43)

Girls love to join pageants and to get the vote of the students, the candidate should campaign for herself. Wear a sexy and fashionable style of apparel. This crank top and fit gray skirt are a la mode and appealing to the eyes. Accessorize the outfit with a duffel bag, shades, and gladiator shoes for a complete fashionable get-up.

Smart Casual Dress for Business Students
girl swag outfits (44)

A smart casual is a popular attire for business students. This style will prepare them to the real world of work. This outfit is recommended for the interns. A white long sleeve and top with a gray vest plus paired with a gray straight-cut office skirt.

Show Off Your Summer Style
girl swag outfits (45)

Wear this summer style outfit composing of a sleeveless tee and a gartered short with black and white prints. A sling bag and a white frame shades are perfect for the entire outfit.

Busty Summer Look for Closing Party
girl swag outfits (46)

A revealing midriff baring dress with graffiti is an awesome design, sleek, and fashionable apparel. Complete the dress code by wearing a T-strap dark blue Almond Toe shoes.

A Must-Try Corporate School Attire
girl swag outfits (47)

Professors should be aware of the corporate attire trends today to adopt the contemporary fashion. This executive attire is elegant, stylish, and high-class.The black and white combination of the garments meets the ultimate perfection. What’s unique to this style? The huge buckle of the belt, it is very edgy and voluptuous.

Winter-Season Coat and Dress
girl swag outfits (48)

Do not sacrifice your fashion just because it is a winter season. Wear this bluish oversized collar coat with an inner knitted shirt and pants. The style is very sophisticated, upstyle, and unique.

Ripped Leggings instead of Jeans
girl swag outfits (49)

The taggered jeans style is already a typical outfit, why not try a ripped leggings and partner it with a sleeveless tee. Play with the style by wearing a Trilby hat, high-end pumps, and carrying a fancy shoulder bag.

Daring Summer Get-Up
girl swag outfits (50)

Show off your figure with this polka dotted half sleeves, revealing your skin and a mini denim shorts. It is a great outfit for a summer escapade.

Sleek Style for School Model Auditions
girl swag outfits (51)

Everyone loves stripes since these horizontal,vertical,and diagonal lines can be partnered with any outfit or style. The effect of wearing a garment with vertical line designs can make you look tall, lean, and edgy.

Manage Your Style During School Affairs
girl swag outfits (52)

Emphasize your hourglass shape, wear an off-shoulder crank top half sleeves and a skinny pants for a fashionable, trendy, and flattering apparel.

Wool-made Blazer in Debonair Look
girl swag outfits (53)

Partner your lacy dress with a brown coat for a smart casual style and semi-formal outfit. The attire is also great for traveling and attending social gatherings.

Fatigue Jacket is the Contemporary Style
girl swag outfits (54)

A simple yet fashionable, this outfit has been a great attire for traveling especially when the school has immersion activities or vacation trips. The fitted white long sleeves, fatigue jacket, and jeans are very fashionable combinations.

Sporty Style Dress with Cap
girl swag outfits (55)

This is a sporty dress code for the players and varsity women. If you love playing tennis, badminton, chess, or ping-pong, this outfit is suitable for you. The striped dress, cap, and converse shoes are appropriate for these sports.

Urban Chic and Graffiti Leggings
girl swag outfits (56)

Express yourself in a thug fashion and expose your creativity through wearing a loose black long sleeve and a pink leggings with graffiti prints. Enhance the fashion by wearing a cap and a Lita style shoes.

Civilian Clothing in Green Sleeveless Jacket
girl swag outfits (57)

Get in touch with this smart casual outfit considering a sleeveless jacket, a long sleeve and jeans. Keep the fashion in a serious look by wearing a watch and a pair of rubber shoes with heels.

Wear Something in Summer Getaway with Your Colleagues
girl swag outfits (58)

When you’re having a gig with your colleagues, let’s say going to the pool or night party, this outfit is a great match. A blue long sleeve with a lacy sleeve plus a mini denim shorts is perfect.

A Fergie Look Funky and Style
girl swag outfits (59)

Are you a fan of Fergie? This fabulous style for the winter is amazing, unique, and sophisticated. It consist of a fur cap, jacket, and ripped jeans. The role of the shades is astonishing to the entire outfit

Edgy and Confident Snazzy Look
girl swag outfits (60)

Be confident, smart, and decent with this black and red striped bodycon dress. Embrace the dress with sleeveless faux leather jacket. Moreover, you should wear a stockings and Almond Toe shoes for a conservative look.

Midriff Baring Summer Outfit
girl swag outfits (61)

A summer style outfit for the school closing party in which you can wear a sleeveless minty crank top with a lacy design on the edge. Pair the style with a floral jeans for a feminine, refreshing, and teenage appearance.

Leather and Scarf for the Winter Rage
girl swag outfits (62)

Keep yourself protected from the chilling cold breeze yet at the same time, maintaining your fashion. A faux leather jacket, knitted hat, and scarf plus a white shirt and faded jeans are the appropriate garments for this style. Moreover, match the style with a white rubber shoes and duffel bag to make it funky, sleek, and awesome.

Stripes and Light Brown Skirt
girl swag outfits (63)

Achieve a feminine and sassy appearance with the stripe long sleeve and light brown skirt combination. Consider a white pair of sandals and a red sling bag appropriate for this particular fashion sense.

Executive Attire for Management Students
girl swag outfits (64)

Start your academic days in corporate attires,one of the best outfit to wear is a stripe blazer covering the blue long sleeves and a black pants. An Almond Toe shoe is the perfect footwear for this formal apparel.

Midriff Long Dress with Slit on the Sides
girl swag outfits (65)

Do your friends invite you to a night life adventure? Surprise them with your midriff dress with daring designs and paired it with a clutch as well as a pair of T-strap sandals.

Cute Japanese Casual Outfit
girl swag outfits (66)

Some students prefer a younger, sassy, and the cute Asian look. Wear a simple signature shirt and partner it with a jeans or denim shorts. Of course, don’t forget the popular trade mark among the Asians, “the fake eyeglasses” to appear like a geek, smart, and fashionable.

Double Layer Long Dress
girl swag outfits (67)

If you feel traveling for a long semestral vacation break, this long dress is a beautiful outfit, especially when you plan going to a summer getaway. A duffel bag and shades are suitable to improve the fashion even more.

Lacy on Top and Mini Denim Shorts
girl swag outfits (68)

For those who highly appreciate the value of creativity, manage your style by wearing a lacy sleeveless tops, mini denim shorts, and a Lita style shoes. A dangling huge earrings and violet color hair dye can also invigorate the style.

City Style Apparel for Petite and Tall
girl swag outfits (69)

You might be surrounded by several admirers if you wear this outfit. The shirt has a simple yet beautiful print and fabric. The skirt has crowded with prints regarding city buildings. Overall, the outfit is cute, edgy, and highly fashionable.

Tribal Patterned Leggings and Black Shirt
girl swag outfits (70)

The Tribal leggings take the lead for a stylish outfit. A plain black shirt and blue scarf are fine not to exaggerate the style. Moreover, you can pair the style with Timberland or Dr. Martens boots.

A Crisscross Midriff Dress
girl swag outfits (71)

Is your school activity having a slinky theme for the acquaintance party? To give you an idea, you may try this edgy midriff dress and walk in the hallway like a professional project runaway model.

Casual Swag Outfit for University Students
girl swag outfits (72)

This outfit is appropriate for the rainy seasons. The checkered dark long sleeves match with the knitted shirt. The skirt is made from a faux leather and contains a zipper design on the front. The style is casual yet fashionable.

European Winter Style Civilian Look
girl swag outfits (73)

Teenagers will surely love this outfit because of its edgy, sassy, and unique outlook. The white sleeveless tees and checkered skirt are covered with the long length blazer. The schoolboy hat and the maroon shoes are lovely and match on the attire properly.

Dark Colored Garments for Sophisticated Style
girl swag outfits (74)

Many people wear checkered polo long sleeves since this upper garment can be paired up easily with any style. In this particular getup, it is partnered with a black skirt, stockings, and a knitted maroon hat.

Knitted Checkered Jacket and Jeans
girl swag outfits (75)

The knitted checkered polo sleeves can be worn as a jacket and partnered with a plain white shirt. Have a swag style with a jeans and stylish boots.

Britney Spear’s Inspired School Uniform
girl swag outfits (76)

The legendary Britney style is still part of the contemporary fashion. Wear a white long sleeves, twist it in the center and top it with a black blazer. Show off your sexy waist. Match the upper garment with a checkered skirt to look like a campus girl cheerleader.

Sleek and Fabulous Smart Casual
girl swag outfits (77)

If you’re running out of ideas for smart casual attires, a checkered pink shirt and a white slacks are suitable combinations and result to a sophisticated semi-formal style.

Sexy and Contouring Dress for Beach Wedding

Go down from the Resort hotel and feel the breeze of the beach. Wear a daring, blue skater dress and walk along the sandy beach land.

Smart Casual for University Students
girl swag outfits (79)

In attending seminars, it requires you to wear smart casual attire. A simple black and brown combination of shirt and slacks. The style is plain yet sophisticated, decent, and fashionable.

Long Sleeve on Top of Collared Long Sleeve
girl swag outfits (80)

Have you tried wearing a collared long sleeves and a non-collar long sleeves at the same time? If not, then wear something like this especially during cozy seasons. Partner it with a black shorts for a simple casual.

Voguish Khaki and Floral Slacks
girl swag outfits (81)

A glitzy gold long sleeve and a floral pants are a nice combination of clothing for tall girls. This outfit is simple yet stylish and it can be worn on the street or when traveling.

Modish Semi-Formal
girl swag outfits (82)

Working in the office connotes a serious surrounding especially for business, finance, accounting or management divisions. An edgy, fancy, and sophisticated style of garment is perfect for the scenery. Try this floral top crochet and a fit plain long skirt.

Simple, Elegant, and Gorgeous Taylor Inspired Dress
girl swag outfits (83)

If you feel wearing an all-black dress, this Taylor Swift’s inspired garment is perfect for a tall and lean like you. A duffel bag, stockings, and a leather pair of shoes are marvelous and upstyle.

Midriff Baring Outfit to Manage the Curves
girl swag outfits (84)

Partner your sleeveless tees with a jeans for a street style look. You may choose a pants that have a gartered edge so you can raise the pants instead of folding it. This style is comfortable, simple, and fabulous.

Semi-Formal Using Jeans
girl swag outfits (85)

Play with your corporate attire and wear something sassy like a white long sleeve, a stripe blazer, and jeans. Wear your killer blue Almond Toe pumps to add an edgy style to the semi-formal apparel.

V-neck Dress with Waist Training Girdle
girl swag outfits (86)

When you are going to an interview for your internship, this getup is professional and fashionable as well. The cream blouse is appropriate on the black slacks with a girdle to emphasize the contour.

Katerina Graham’s Inspired Apparel in Viberance Colors
girl swag outfits (87)

Enjoy your university days and wear something colorful, swag, and upstyle. Match your black skirt with a sleeveless tube and top with a vibrant, vivid, and lively blazer.

Polka Dress for Petite
girl swag outfits (88)

Achieve a Boyish Look with Blazer and Red Pants
girl swag outfits (89)

See-Through Dress and Leather Jacket
girl swag outfits (90)

Fuchia Pink for Dark Complexions is the new “IN”
girl swag outfits (91)

Witch Style in Modern Fashion
girl swag outfits (92)

Boyish Style in Fatigue Jacket
girl swag outfits (93)

Hip Tutu and Crank Top Kardashian Outfit
girl swag outfits (94)

Lady Gaga Inspired Avant Garde Mesh Fashion
girl swag outfits (96)

Black Blouse and Leopard Pants
girl swag outfits (98)

Slinky Lace Dress in Black and White
girl swag outfits (99)

Casual Black and Jeans Style
girl swag outfits (100)

Kendall Jenner’s Voloptuous Horizontal Designs with Black Pants
girl swag outfits (101)

Scallop Mini Shorts and Long Sleeves in All-white
girl swag outfits (102)

Blue and Gray Contour Smart Casual
girl swag outfits (103)

Casual Striped Shirt, Jeans, and Wrapped Fatigue Green Jacket
girl swag outfits (104)

Skater Dress in Long Sleeves
girl swag outfits (105)

All-Black Hip Tutu Top with Lace and Pants
girl swag outfits (106)

Professional Chic Look in Smart Casual
girl swag outfits (107)

Savvy Black and White in Extreme Fashion
girl swag outfits (108)

Nylon and Polyester Fabric for the Blue Dress Code
girl swag outfits (109)