Tech General Overview of CompTIA FC0-U51 Exam: Description, Objectives, Audience & Prerequisites

General Overview of CompTIA FC0-U51 Exam: Description, Objectives, Audience & Prerequisites


CompTIA FC0-U51 is one of the IT fundamentals training course that includes networking, the cyber-security and the basics of software and hardware. The training course is best to make you ready to start your professional career in Information Technology. You can get the CompTIA FC0-U51 training certification after passing the exam. There is not any pre-requisite to apply for this certification. After getting the certification, you will be able to upgrade your skills and work at your home securely. After passing the examination and getting the certificate, you can start your own online business and start earning at home. It will give you an idea about how to use your computer system and manage all the tasks easily.

Features of CompTIA FC0-U51

All the certifications have their own importance and the requirements. Although, the features of a few certifications vary but it is always advised to go through the features and specifications of any course before opting it for your career. A few specifications of theCompTIA FC0-U51 is as under:

  • The course doesn’t have any pre-requisite and you can apply for the course any time no matter what is the subject of your education. Nowadays, it is the era of technology so anyone can join it to step in.
  • The course will teach you about the basic computer system and its application. So you can easily setup the Windows operated computer system at your home.
  • The major part of the course is the understanding of the all the tools and their functions. It helps the user to identify any issue and work on it properly.
  • It includes the support principles and the computer maintenance techniques to help the users.
  • The course guides the users to ensure the mobile and computer connectivity to the internet and other LAN or WAN connections.
  • If there is any issue or problem associated with the network or the computer use, then the candidate will definitely check it out by his own.
  • The course is available to the people from all over the world. One can simply get enrolled in it.

Tips to pass the CompTIA FC0-U51 exam

Passing the CompTIA FC0-U51 IT fundamentals exam is not as hard as someone thinks. For this, you don’t need to be professional or keep on study 15 hours a day. Following are some points to consider to pass the exam successfully:

  • As it is said, practice makes a man perfect. This statement is always true when you consider such a subject. If you keep on using your personal computer on regular basis, you will come to know about the points that are causing issues and you can find their solutions too. Practicing all, will help you to explain in the examination.
  • The sample questions are now available on the internet. You can check and find the previous year’s exam questions and practice them in your home. It will give you an idea about the type of questions in the exams.
  • Don’t forget to check the exam pattern. It will also help you to prepare for your exam.
  • Complete the exam within given time period. For this, you have to manage the time from the first question you attempt in the examination. It is recommended that you can complete all the high values question first. Another thing is that, don’t leave the spaces blank in the paper.
  • Always try to take the expert’s advice to apply for the exam. If anyone has already attempted the exam, he will guide you about the examination hall, the time and some questions that you should be care of.

Sample Questions for CompTIA FC0-U51 Exam

The sample questions help the candidate to prepare themselves for the exams before time. If you are also preparing for the exam, then you can check some online questions and answer those. Following are some important sample questions that you may get in exam:

  • What is the importance of password complexity? Is it good for security?
  • How can you avoid the physical theft of your device?
  • What is the importance of CPU and what is its functions?
  • What is the temporary storage used for the data security?
  • Which software protects your system from theft attacks?
  • How can you connect your computer with a printer in a quick way?

These are some of the sample questions, you can simply get an idea about these questions and prepare of your exam. The exams will mostly consist of the multiple choice questions. You prepare yourself accordingly.

Specifications of the CompTIA FC0-U51 certification providers

The complete course is available online. You don’t need to gather any information about it. Just go online and check for the online certification providers. Don’t forget to check their authenticity before applying for the exam. Every certification provider offers the benefits of availing the course. Most of the certification providers gives you the material to prepare for the exam. You cannot only get the material in your phone, but also take out the prints so that you can learn them anytime.They hire professionals to write the exam questions and update their material regularly. They also guide their candidates by testing labs. CompTIA FC0-U51 certification providers remain online to help their candidates. They provide 24/7 help services to support them. The normal fee for the certification is $69 to $139. The subjects included in the course are software applications (21%), Hardware (18%), the security of the system (21%), Networking (16%) and the Basic Information literacy (24%).


The CompTIA FC0-U51certification is available online, you don’t need to go to traditional institutes to get registered. They only thing you need is to check the authenticity of the certificate provider and then apply for it. It will also boost your online presence and you can solve all your issues by your own. If you are getting a chance to enroll in the course, then don’t miss it. It will give you best returns in longer run. After completing the course, you can also apply for other professional and advanced courses with pre-requisite.

Best of Luck, Practice Well and Pass the Exam Successfully!