Fashion Men, What to wear with Jacob Cohen Jeans

Men, What to wear with Jacob Cohen Jeans


Jacob Cohen jeans are the pinnacle of high fashion and great comfort. Each of these unique jeans come with their own tracking number that follows them from their birth in the factory to long after you’ve worn them out. So you can find out all the information about how your jeans were made and when.They’re made of the finest Kurabo denim from Japan and outfitted with the finest buttons and accessories. When you buy a pair of Jacob Cohen jeans, you’re also supporting a company that is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing processes and doesn’t use any harmful chemicals when they’re washing or dyeing your jeans. They even use Greek pumice to distress the denim. It’s easy to find a supplier of the denim jeans, which makes it easy to get your pair today. So, you’re investment in a pair of Jacob Cohen jeans is a lifelong commitment to being your man.

Now that you’ve got your jeans and are truly astounded at the comfort and fit, what do you wear and where do you wear it?  Here’s a few suggestions.

Christmas Party? You’ve got this

If you’re family christmas party involves either semi-formal or casual wear, you can add either the ugliest sweater or the nicest cable knit to go with these jeans. If you go with a sweater, be sure to have a mandarin collar button up shirt in a neutral blue or beige color. This gives you the well thought out look of a man who’s not afraid to buck convention. You can finish off the style with a pair of tan shoes or tennis shoes and seasonal socks that peek out from your jeans when you sit. This little splash of color at your ankles will delight the kids and that special woman in your life, too. You’ll also want to accessorize with a fine watch and perhaps a jaunty hat. Even though we can tell time on smart devices nowadays, wearing a watch completes any outfit.

A Day at the Beach

If you’re planning on spending time at the beach this spring, you’ll want to be prepared for stormy weather and cooler temperatures. Your Jacob Cohen jeans will fit right in with boat shoes, no socks, and a breezy t-shirt or camp shirt. You can also go shirtless with your jeans to show off the pony skin brand label and chain stitched hems. Colors are pastel and tans or beiges to convey the light joyful time of spring when you can feel the brisk wind of the ocean or lake on your skin.

Casual Fridays at Work

Even though you wear business suits all week long, you can get away with wearing jeans at work on casual Friday. These jeans are especially suited for that task. Wearing a pair of dark denim Jacob Cohen jeans with a blue button down striped shirt will have you gaining jealous stares from the boys in the morning meeting. Cover the shirt with a blue blaze and accessorize with a nice navy tie. Wear black or dark brown oxfords with dark socks. Absolutely no tennis shoes or boat shoes for casual Fridays, however. You don’t want the boss thinking you are slovenly. Don’t forget to finish your outfit off with a nice dark brown or black belt and that adventure watch on your wrist.

Date Night at the Concert

Your spouse or date will be thrilled if you showed up in Jacob Cohen jeans that you personally distressed using the included pumice stone when you bought them. You can add a dark t-shirt and jean jacket or go truly rebel and add a dark brown or black leather jacket. That head should be covered with a newsboy cap tipped jauntily to the side for a humorous rogue effect. You should be shod in double buckle biker boots or urban walking boots that show you’re not afraid to walk through the desert for your date. Add a leather or cloth woven belt to give the tenderness to your midsection that they’ll love putting their arms around and holding as you sway to the music. Ditch the watch in favor of a few leather and chain bracelets for a bad boy image.

No matter the occasion, your Jacob Cohen jeans are sure to be a hit. Whether it’s a Christmas party or a day at the beach or a casual Friday, you will be confident that your jeans come from an eco-friendly company who cares as much about the environment as you do. And you can rest assured that you’ll be so comfortable you won’t even realize you’re wearing jeans. The Kurabo denim  will caress your skin and move smoothly with you. The pearlized silver plated buttons will shimmer and twinkle in any light. You’ll also feel like the one of a kind gentleman you are because your jeans are truly one of a kind. You have the tracking code to prove it.