Health How to Start and Grow Your Career in Nursing

How to Start and Grow Your Career in Nursing


Choosing to pursue a career in nursing can be one of the most personally satisfying and professionally rewarding decisions that an individual makes. If you’ve already decided that this is the right vocational path for you, the next step is implementing strategies that will facilitate success as you cultivate a career in the field. Utilize the information found in this quick reference career guide to get your vocational journey going and growing now:

1. Complete The Educational Requirements

Your first step in cultivating a dynamic career in nursing will be the completion of educational requirements. There are typically one of three educational paths that an aspiring nurse will take. These include the Bachelor of Science degree (BSN), associate’s degree (ADN), or a diploma obtained from an accredited nursing program. In addition to completing the educational requirements to work in the nursing sector, make sure that you place primacy on becoming a life-long learner. Doing so will ensure that you’re continually expanding your skill set and marketability when it’s time to apply for a new position. Note that you can take TAFE nursing courses to gain more knowledge of the field.

2. Pursue An Internship

In addition to completing the educational requirements necessary to become a nurse, consider the value of attaining an internship. Internships are career-boosting entities for multiple reasons. First, they provide you with live, hands-on experiences that transcend the type of learning you attain in a classroom. Second, many employers decide to hire interns if they perform exceptionally well in the hospital or clinical setting. Third, internships function as a networking tool which keeps the aspiring nurse connected to people who operate within the nursing field. You can visit to learn more about internship opportunities that may be available in your area.

3. Implement Interview Preparation Strategies

After you’ve gained the knowledge and experience necessary to become a competitive job candidate in the nursing sector, it’s time to start applying for jobs. Note that there are multiple techniques you can deploy to optimize this component of the career cultivation process. One is the implementation of interview preparation strategies. As noted in Preparing for Interviews, one strategy you should implement is obtaining background information regarding the company that you’ll be interviewing with. Because many if not most employers want to know whether you’ve actually researched their company, this is a practical and advantageous strategy to implement. You can use tools like The Riley Guide, CareerSearch, and Vault to get a basic overview of an organization.

If you’ve decided that pursuing a career in nursing will generate your economic stability, personal fulfillment, or some other great outcome, now is the time to get your career up and running. Three strategies that can help you go and grow in the nursing sector include completing your educational requirements, pursuing an internship, and implementing interview preparation strategies. Start using these techniques immediately so you can begin cultivating the personally and professionally rewarding career that makes your life fun and fulfilling!