Relationship How to Feel Yourself Calmly and Happy Right Now

How to Feel Yourself Calmly and Happy Right Now


When you feel frustrated, upset and totally unhappy, you need something that can help just here, some kind of a healing fluid or a magic pill. In such situation, you can easily get irritated by the pieces of advice on how to achieve happiness. Most often these are some random clichés that seem very “pop”: “If you want to be happy, then be happy”, “Happiness is not outside, happiness is inside” and eternal comparison with a butterfly, which you cannot chase because she quietly lands on your shoulder. These beautiful expressions do not explain what exactly you should do. Everybody needs clear instructions but a philosophy. Surely you have already tried many different bits of advice. Now try the most effective and simple actions, which even in the midst of the impenetrable darkness will cause a vital idea that everything, in fact, is not so bad.

  1. Write down your “thank you”.

In the very beginning when you take a pencil to write the first item in the “thank you” list, you might want to start with “Nothing! I didn’t have anything good! I don’t have now! The milk has boiled over and the stove is dirty, I am in no mood, I have no willpower, my nose is big and my chest is small, I want dating brides but I don’t even try to, and in general I feel like a mistake of nature.” It can be difficult to start, so you need to take something very simple. For example, food. When you write, “Thank you for the morning cappuccino” you think of its soft amazing taste, a beautiful trickle of steam, and a light frothy milk with brown grains of cinnamon. It comes to mind, “Indeed, it was a great cappuccino!”. And then little gratitude start to rain down themselves, like multi-colored jelly beans. So, you can focus on the positive things in your life, “switch on” your awareness, remembering details and trivialities. When the list grows, there comes a sincere conviction that in life, in fact, everything is pretty good.

  1. Look in the mirror and say that you love yourself.

This exercise looks awkward and too simple. But if you try, you immediately feel that it reveals complexes, discontent with yourself, uncertainty, and helps to fight them. It is necessary to stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and sincerely say, “I love you. I really love you very much”. The first time you might experience terrible discomfort, seem silly to yourself, at some point you may even want to cry. It is important to continue to talk anyway. With these simple words, you praise yourself, express your love for yourself, forgive yourself for failures and release grievances. American psychologist Louise Hay, known for her books about helping herself, considered this exercise to be the key to a person’s recovery. Louise claims that it helped her to forgive her parents who had abused her as a child.

3. Imagine yourself an alien.

It’s simple and not so stupid as it seems to be on the first sight. Imagine that you are really an alien who was given a human body and taken to earth to study this world. Look around: on this planet, creatures go to work to get green papers, they have a rest, sitting in front of a rectangular screen that shows movies –  driving pictures that someone has invented. You will not even notice how quickly this game captures you with a head. In such a way, you can look at the reality from another side, and all the problems will seem to be just another way to find out how this life works. In the end, you will feel how great the life is. You have a unique chance to live here as a person, to study yourself, others and the world around you. Is this not a real happiness?

4. Make a plank hold.

It will work, even if you, like many other people, hate the sport from the very first gym classes in elementary school. It is worth one time to learn how to make a plank hold correctly, repeat and memorize the position of the body and the sensations in the muscles, to do further on your own. You should stand in this position as long as you can. Thanks to the plank hold you will be able to distract yourself from obsessive thoughts, feel vigorous and immediately enjoy clarity in your head. And after such a difficult exercise you also will be proud that you have fulfilled it. Production and inflow of endorphins are also the surest way to feel happy. Don’t be upset if you can stand in the plank hold only a little: your body quickly gets used to the load, and after a month of regular classes you will be able to stand in it for five minutes. Also, you can download a beautiful check-list of the daily training, attach it to your wall and point out your progress.

  1. Drink a glass of water. Better – two.

Even if you don’t understand how you can drink anything else than juice and tea, you will feel much better from one glass of clean water. Often, we don’t realize that we are thirsty: sometimes the desire to drink is simply lost in the stream of business thoughts or it might be easily disguised as hunger. Due to the lack of water in the body, you can feel drowsiness, headache, the inability to focus and the general feeling of “head is all foggy.” Make yourself take a few sips, you might realize with a surprise how much you really want to drink. First you will think that a small glass of water will be enough, and eventually, you will pour a glass after a glass. Slaking thirst gives a rush of energy and a sense of security. Your brain will decide that “everything is all right now ” and the mood will improve immediately.

Take care of yourself and remember that life is beautiful. Happiness is always around you.