Tech The Evolution and Future of Mobile Phones

The Evolution and Future of Mobile Phones


“However did we cope before mobile phones…?” You often here people asking this question, don’t you? It’s a fair question because we’re now so used to mobile phones and all the support that they provide us with that they’ve come to seem an absolutely crucial part of civilised life. And if they’ve gone from being a novelty to a necessity in such a short period of time, then you might also ask: Where on earth will they take us in another twenty years or so? So let’s wind the clock back a little to see how this all happened and get some clues about the future of mobile phone usage….

Back in the ‘90s, few of us had mobile phones. We’d get on the landline to make calls, we’d pop into a phone box if we were out and about and we’d even sit down and write letters to loved ones! Then, over time, it wasn’t just the executives who had these portable things, it was the average man and woman; and then in time even the schools were full of them- beeping away in classrooms and being confiscated by weary teachers!

As the technology improved and the production costs decreased, mobile phones became more affordable, and it’s that technological side of the package that has continued to drive the development of the phone and influence the culture around it.

The most recent force that has pushed everything along must be the smart phone and the app, and in particular the games that you can now play on phones. It might sound trivial, but in fact the gaming industry, by which is meant here both the computer game world and the casino business, are hugely involved with the mobile phone industry- both as users and influencers of the technology. Isn’t it amazing to think that you can now play games on your phone that were at one time only playable on consoles or PCs? Equally impressive are all those gaming apps and online casinos where you can play roulette, poker, the slots and all those classics whenever you like. We all know that we must strike a work-life balance these days, and our interest in the fun side of what phones can offer is a major factor here.

Of course there are more purely practical apps too. There’s so much out there, from apps that help you not to miss your train to those that offers more advanced assistance, such as helping you to get enough sleep to maintain your immune system in peak condition. There’s a great listicle here that rounds up some of the best apps of last year that’s worth checking out.

OK, so where will we be in twenty years’ time? Well, there’s likely to be much more centralised control of our lives happening from our phones- think smart homes and personal admin. We’ll probably all have what is in effect a butler running our lives for us! We’re likely to see smaller handsets with more voice control as that technology gets better and less frustrating. And of course, we should expect to see some even more realistic games making those commutes even more of a treat!