Tattoos The Best Tattoo for Gamers

The Best Tattoo for Gamers


Video games are very popular and significant in today’s society. They have played huge roles in our childhood and development, and whether we play them to cool off the steam from a stressful day at work or just for the pure entertainment, they surely provide an incredible outlet. It is because of this that the video game world has always been a steady growth.

The chances are that you are one of the millions of the gaming faithful. Don’t you miss those childhood days when all you had to worry about was how to beat the computer game or win the next level? When you would call your friend over, and you would battle it out who the king of gaming is?
Well, if you are a gamer, then you’ll realize that it’s something that absorbs you and lets you forget about for the troubles of this world. For some of us, gaming is a culture. It’s a hobby that greatly impacts and defines our lives.

However, how far would you take your love for gaming?

Tattoos are some of the best ways to carry memories with us for the rest of our lives. While our gaming frequency may reduce as years go by, the love that you’ve always had for those consoles is something that never fades, and it’s worth carrying around and showing your affection to something that helped shape your childhood.

It’s not easy for people of an outside culture to appreciate how gaming can be such an important part of life, but gamers and tattoo lovers have something in common. For decades, tattoo enthusiasts have been looked down upon and considered to be outcasts. They have been associated with all negativities in the society and been seen as criminals and a menace to the society.

Of course, all this is not true, and tattoo lovers are just anybody who appreciates art so much and who thinks the culture is just interesting. Someone who would carry something they love on their body, or just a person who thinks it’s cool to have a tattoo. Over the years, the perception has improved, and the society has begun to appreciate tattoos even more.

Gamers, on the other hand, have been considered the anti-social and lazy basement dwellers who just live in their world and enjoy wasting away the day. People within the gaming community know that this is not true and that gaming is just a hobby like any other. Gamers have a life just like anybody else and enjoy their family, run their businesses while gaming the steam out!
It is no surprise therefore that gamers appreciate tattoos and if there is a game that has gotten so much appreciation from you, why not ink it out!

Whether it’s a video game or one of the most popular casino games – slots that you appreciate, then it would be cool to carry it with you.

Here is a selection of some of the best tattoo for gamers, which you can flaunt with.

The Classic Nintendo Controller

What better way to express love to one of the most important things that shaped your childhood? The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on the forearm gives you the opportunity to spend the rest of your life with the beloved NES.

Simplicity never goes out of fashion, and if you are a gamer who loves simplicity, then this is the tattoo for you. The PlayStation shapes are always special figures, and they always trigger that perfect gaming feel. You can get them applied with their specific colors, and they will always be a neat piece of a gamer tattoo.

If you are a lady, want a tattoo, and you know your husband loves card games, then why not get a tattoo of one of the most popular games-blackjack. This tattoo will be a combination of his gaming love and the love of his life! It will be a dedication that he will always cherish.

Ryu from Street Fighter

If you’ve always loved Street Fighter, then this is one of the most awesome tattoos. In this tattoo, Ryu, the poster-boy of Street Fighter, is incorporated to the person’s arm and fist, creating the illusion of Ryu unleashing a devastating Dragon Punch. KAPOWWW!!!

Legend of Zelda Triforce tattoo

This is the popular Triforce, derived from the classic game Legend of Zelda. It is a sacred relic that is comprised of 5 equilateral triangles. Three are black, and there is a white one at the middle. Together, they form one larger triangle. It is a symbol of power, wisdom, and courage.