Beauty 5 Beauty Myths and Miracles

5 Beauty Myths and Miracles


People want to look as beautiful as possible. This is why the interest in plastic surgery has grown so much since its introduction in the world of cosmetics, and beauty products such as cosmetics are sold more than ever. As human beings, we are all suckers for looking great.

But, this often means that we become victims of misconceptions and myths in regard to our beauty. To help you avoid these and stop hoping for miracles that won’t happen, we made a list of the 5 most common beauty myths in the world.

Myth 1: Shaving Makes Body Hair Grow Thicker

No, your hair won’t grow thicker every time you shave it. The hair will appear more stubbly and rather shorter, but this does not make it thicker.

Myth 2: Natural Ingredients Are Always Better for the Skin

If you use the right ingredients, this would be true. But, many people make the mistake with natural and organic ingredients use because they believe that everything is good for them. As a result, they end up using poisonous plants or plants that aren’t good for their skin, just to avoid using a store product that is a perfect fit for them.

Myth 3: More Water Solves Dry Skin Problem

We need hydration, especially in the summer and water is the way to achieve this. However, a couple of water glasses a day cannot completely get rid of dry skin. In fact, studies show that a person needs to drink half a gallon of water to improve the skin, and this still would not solve the dry skin problem completely.

Myth 4: There Isn’t a Way to Prevent Nail Yellowing

Yes, there is! Firstly, you can stop applying all that colored nail polish, or at least take breaks in between to let your nails rest for a while. If you want to have nail polish at all times (every woman does), do something to shield them from the sun and the ingredients of the colored nail polish. Use a base coat before you apply the nail polish, choose a top coat that has UVA protection from the sun, and even try out baking soda to remove the yellow stains from your nails.

Myth 5: Baldness Is Your Parents’ Fault

No, this is not true at all. You cannot know if you are going to go bald just by looking at your family. If your grandfather had a great hair, you might still become bald, and vice versa.

The genes of your ancestors factor in your hair density, but you cannot know it by looking at your parents. However, you can still take the necessary precautions and attempt to prevent the balding as soon as first signs start showing. Just be careful – ask around about hair loss products and read the reviews before you make a choice!

These five myths confuse people worldwide. Many people follow strange misconceptions and expect a miracle, while something as simple as baking soda or a good cream can improve their problem. Get informed before you use anything to make yourself more beautiful – there might be another myth just lying around waiting for you to get caught in the misunderstanding.