10 Types of Yoga and Their Poses

Yoga as you know is the name given to a form of exercise called asanas based on this ancient form of lifestyle that was practiced. Today the word Yoga is synonymous with the exercise than with a way of life as Yoga was originally meant to be. As Yoga is about balance between bodily movements

grim reaper tattoos

40 Cool & Awesome Grim Reaper Tattoos

What is so inspiring or cool about Grim Reaper tattoos? Actually, everything! The Grim Reaper tattoos are such creative ones that require a lot of artistic talent to create well that you cannot find help but find them interesting. The thing about these tattoos is that the creators are indeed inspired and tend to add

aztec tattoo designs

40 Aztec Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

The meanings and designs of Aztec tattoos are a very complex concept and that is why if you are considering getting one, then you should read this article to get the information you want. Not many people may know this, but there is a difference between Spanish, Mexican and Aztec art and this aspect will

Tattoos for girls

40 Cool And Amazing Ripped Skin Tattoos

Did you know that there is a type of tattoo design that makes it look as if your skin has been ripped apart and one can see what is underneath? Well, if you didn’t know about these kind of tattoo designs, then reading this article will give you information about it. It should not come

Praying hand tattoo

40 Best Praying Hands Tattoos

We all know that tattoos are not mere decorations on the surface of the skin but have deeper meaning than that. It is because the person who gets the tattoo gets the tattoo for a profound cause and some sort of emotion that makes it that much more significant to the person getting it. That

Cool Status For Instagram

50 Cool Status For Instagram

The virtual world or the world online requires us to present a cute and sharp image of ourselves online in  order to be liked and followed. In case you do not do so, then there is a likelihood that you will not have many people following you or worse yet, you could be ignored to

Colorful Tattoo Ideas for boys and girls

40 Colorful Tattoo Ideas For Boys and Girls

While we know that tattoos have been around for ages, the thing to remember is that tattoos like other things have evolved and that is why we have tattoos in color instead of the traditional black and in some tribes the bluish green it used to be in. Tattoos are created by actually getting the