Cute and casual winter outfits Ideas

100 Cute and Casual Winter Outfits Ideas for Teens

Seasons change rapidly one after another. With change in them, it is necessary that we change our clothing as well. But when discussing about clothes, it is most important to keep in mind the right fashion sense that too individually for kids, teens, youngsters and elders. Moreover, there needs to be different outfit ideas for


45 Popular Hamsa Tattoo Designs for Women (With Meaning)

Have you seen a Hamsa tattoo? You probably have. The design is very popular for tattoos, jewelry and other items. Colorful Hamsa tattoos can be stunning pieces of art. A black and gray tattoo can also be very striking though. The design itself evokes a sense of mystery and touches something deep inside people when

Cute Small Tattoo Designs for girl feet (58)

100 Cute Small Tattoo Designs for Girls Feet

Tattoos are a simple way of expressing our feelings. Traditionally, people used to get a tattoo of their names or their father’s name. Women were made to engrave their husband’s name. Some people even had the pictures of their almighty on their wrists and some used to have a specific symbol representing their caste and

does he really like me

Does He Like Me? Answered By Relationship Expert Zara

Is there a guy who makes your heart race, but you feel frustrated because although you are dying to get closer, you have no idea whether or not he likes you too? Flirting can be a bit of a minefield, but this article will help you to better understand how men express their feelings, so


40 Cute Dove Tattoos For Men & Women

A dove is a symbol of purity, hence over a period of time dove tattoos have gained popularity. As doves are monogamous creatures, it has a connection with eternal romance. Get a dove tattoo to calm your senses and be reminded of its peace every time you see it. White, pure, and beautiful the appearance

geometry tattoos 27

65 Stunning Collection of Geometric Tattoos

Geometric influence is everywhere you turn right now: fashion, architecture, home goods & art. called geometric print the #1 trend for early 2015. Trends will always be reflected in tattoos, but some geometric tats have a much more profound meaning. Geometric tattoos are linear and precise, requiring the most talented of artists. They seem


10 Types of Yoga and Their Poses

Yoga as you know is the name given to a form of exercise called asanas based on this ancient form of lifestyle that was practiced. Today the word Yoga is synonymous with the exercise than with a way of life as Yoga was originally meant to be. As Yoga is about balance between bodily movements

grim reaper tattoos

40 Cool & Awesome Grim Reaper Tattoos

What is so inspiring or cool about Grim Reaper tattoos? Actually, everything! The Grim Reaper tattoos are such creative ones that require a lot of artistic talent to create well that you cannot find help but find them interesting. The thing about these tattoos is that the creators are indeed inspired and tend to add